Dental Success Stories in Franklin

Below are some stories of actual patients treated by Dr. Hartle. Call Hartle Dental for help with your dental needs.

Bridge, Crowns: Before
Bridge, Crowns: After

Before: This patient was unhappy with the dark staining of his teeth which was caused by medicine he took as a child. There were also areas with previous fillings and places that were chipping and wearing.

Prior to completing treatment a front tooth was fractured and lost.

After: A bridge was placed to replace his lost tooth and crowns were placed on the other teeth. This allowed us to correct the staining and create a natural looking beautiful smile.

Crowns, Veneers 2: Before
Crowns, Veneers 2: After

Before: This patient was unhappy with the shade of her three crowns on the front teeth, particularly the dark bands around them. She was also concerned with how the front tooth that wasn’t crowned was not in line with the other teeth and looked like it was tucked back.

After: The crowns were replaced with all ceramic crowns and a veneer was placed on the tooth that was not crowned to correct its positioning. A much more natural appearance and transition from natural tooth to crown was developed and the dark bands are no longer present.

Crowns, Veneers: Before
Crowns, Veneers: After

Before: This patient had previous veneers that had started to wear and develop cavities around the edges that were “patched” with fillings. She was also unhappy with the way her smile looked and felt like her back teeth were tucked in and hidden and made it look dark when she smiled.

After: A smile makeover with a combination of all ceramic crowns and new veneers were used to address the patient’s concerns. Her smile was broadened so her back teeth were visible. Her new smile gives her a vibrant and youthful appearance.

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