Full Dentures

Worried About Loose Dentures?

If you have a current set of dentures, you may have noticed that they are loose, constantly falling out, or floating around. This is a common complaint from patients with traditional “plates.” There is nothing worse than the constant fear that your teeth are going to fly out of your mouth while talking or not being able to eat the food you used to enjoy. Or, you may have been told that you are going to lose your teeth and are worried about how that is going to affect your smile or ability to chew or function. It is never easy to hear that your teeth cannot be saved, but implants offer multiple options that can make the process easier.

Teeth In a Day

You may have heard of the Teeth in a Day concept, All-on-4™ , or seen a ClearChoice commercial and wondered what they were talking about. In many cases it is possible to have the failing teeth extracted and have temporary teeth placed along with implants on the day of extraction. This removes the anxiety of being without teeth. These teeth are fixed in place and can only be removed by your dental team. The temporary teeth are used throughout the healing process and while the final fixed teeth are made. This treatment provides a natural looking smile that is also functional. It is the closest thing to your original teeth that we can do in dentistry today. We have close working relationship with a surgical specialist in Allison Park, PA that we work with on such cases. With this partnership we are able to offer the most advanced dental care currently available to our local community.

Implant Retained Dentures

Teeth in a Day are not for everyone. There are certain cases that are not good candidates for fixed full dentures. Implants can still be used to markedly improve the fit and chewing ability of dentures. Implants can be placed in strategic positions to serve as anchor points for the denture. You are able to remove the denture for cleaning, but have the added security knowing that the denture will not fall out when talking and improved stability when chewing. If you have any questions about if you are a candidate for implants, please ask a team member and we will provide you with information.

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