Advanced Dental Technology

Latest Dental Technology in Our Franklin Office

We have a strong commitment to provide the best and most modern care possible.  In order to better serve our patients, our office has invested in state of the art technology.  This technology aids us in making your experience more pleasant, safer, and easier.

3D Dental Xrays

We utilize dental CBCTs (3-dimensional x-rays) that provide us with a 3-D image that is an exact representation of your jaw.  This technology is extremely useful and allows us to virtually plan implant surgeries.  It can also be useful in diagnosing problems that often do not show up on 2-D x-rays.  This can help us simplify procedures and decrease the amount of time you have to deal with the pain or problematic area.  The best part is that dental 3-D images use a fraction of the radiation associated with a medical CT scan.

Digital Impressioning System

We have noticed that many patients have bad gag reflexes.  Many dental procedures require that impression be made.  Traditional impressions require that “goop” be placed in the mouth in order to create a model that can be used outside of the mouth.  Many patients don’t like the sensation of having this “goop” in their mouth and it can be a messy experience.  This is only one of the reasons we have invested in a digital impressioning system.  Digital impressions are also extremely accurate.  One of the most common procedures requiring an impression is for crowns or bridges.  The accuracy of digital impressions means that there are less adjustments when your new crown/bridge is placed.  This translates into a faster and easier appointment for you.  Plus, since the files are digitally sent to a dental lab, crowns generally come back from the lab faster than the traditional approach (shipping an impression or model).

Digital Impressions can also be merged with the 3-D X-rays.  This can be extremely beneficial in some implant cases.  Using these technologies together allow us to pick the exact position the implant needs to be in. In some cases this can increase the safety of the procedure with the added bonus that overall procedure times are generally shorter.

Dental Laser

We have invested in a diode laser that can be a great adjunct to many procedures we do.  The laser can be used to modify or remove gum tissues that may be of esthetic or functional concern.  The use of a laser means less bleeding and less pain following the procedure. Learn more about our laser dentistry services.

We look forward to greeting you and your family!